After a two week break and some careful consideration, I have decided to step away from blogging.

It was a hard decision to make, since i have spent the last 14 years blogging, but like i said in my last post the times have changed and what i will and won’t share about my family has made it harder to blog over the past couple of years.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has read/liked/commented on my blog over the past 14 years, your support was what kept me going for this long. Thank You!

Take care,

To Blog OR Not To Blog…

Do i keep blogging, or do i stop blogging?

That is the question.

Backstory time…

I started blogging back before social media was a thing.

I started my blog as a way for my family to keep up with things going on with my kids. It was like a scrapbook i was keeping of my children, for my family. New pictures of them, funny stories about things they did, birthday parties, etc.

Then we started homeschooling and i was blogging about that journey, along with sharing new resources i was creating for homeschooling. I started gaining followers who were not my family. I was also sharing other life stuff too (i.e. weight loss, marriage, books, traveling, recipes, etc.).

Just recently, i started to not share anymore about my children. My family is all on social media, so if i feel like sharing stuff with them about my children i do that on my private accounts.

I could continue with blogging, but i feel like i’m running out of things to say. Especially since now i have limits on what i will and will not share. I could pick one thing to blog about and stick with that, but even i would get bored of that.

I know it sounds crazy to give up now, especially if you are a numbers person. If you look at my numbers, the amount of likes and follows goes up daily. Why give up when you are growing?

I’m not sure what i want to do, so i’m going to take the rest of June off from blogging to hopefully make a final decision. The next 2 weeks are going to be crazy busy for our family anyways, so i think taking this break will be a really good thing for me. A time to clear my head.

See you back here, July 1st.

10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Hey Guys!

Today I’m sharing 10 Father’s Day gift ideas, with something for everyone on this list, to make it easier to shop for the father in your life.

10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Books – Fiction, Non-fiction, cookbooks, travel guides, etc… there are so many different choices of books out there.

Camping Gear – Tent, backpack, sleeping bag, hiking shoes, etc… If the father in your life loves camping this is a great idea.

Clothes/Shoes – Belts, socks, shorts, shirts, etc… My husband always needs new clothes.

Tools – Screwdrivers, drill, hammer, tape measure, etc… Why can you never find a tape measure when you need one, or is that just our family?!

Meal Subscription Boxes – This would be a great idea if the father in your life loves cooking! There are so many different options out there.

Watch/ Smart Watch – One year i bought my husband a wooden watch and he LOVES it, it’s his favorite watch.

Grilling Accessories – An apron, grill cover, grill cleaning tools, etc…

Sporting goods/workout gear – Weights, golf clubs, workout clothes, running shoes, etc…

Tickets for an experience – A movie, a play, a concert, a theme park, etc…

Gift Cards – When all else fails, get the father in your life a gift card to one of their favorite places.

I hope these Father’s Day gift ideas help you to come up with an amazing gift for the father in your life.

*Pictures provided by Unsplash.*

My Favorite At Home Exercises – Fitness Friday {June 3, 2022}

Hey Guys!

Welcome back to another Fitness Friday post! I hope you all are enjoying these, as much as i am.

Today i’m sharing my favorite at home exercises. Being a busy homeschooling mama of 6, means i can’t really make it to the gym whenever i would want to. So it’s very helpful to have exercises that i can do at home.

Side To Side Shuffle – I could do these all day, they are so fun! It doesn’t even feel like working out to me.

Squat Jump – I like the added jump on the end of this, it takes it from a boring old squat to something new and fun.

Running – I like running on the treadmill, which is the only piece of gym equipment i own. Before we got the treadmill, i used to run around our neighborhood. If you can’t run outside, or you don’t have a treadmill, you can always run in place.

High Knees – This exercise works so many different muscles, especially if you get your arms involved.

Fire Hydrants– This is a great workout for your hips and thighs.

Those are some of my favorite at home exercises. What’s your favorite at home exercise? *If you need help perfecting any of these moves, check out SPOTEBI for detailed instructions & demonstrations.*

Stairway Renovation

Hey Guys!

Today i’m sharing a home renovation project my husband and i recently completed.

Our house had a carpeted stairway, that we wanted to change to hardwood to match the rest of the house. Plus our dogs like to lay on the landing area and it was starting to smell from previous accidents they have had.

Here is the before.

We started this project by ripping up all the carpet and we also changed the wall color to white, to brighten up this area even more.

And then, we added the treads and risers. We stained the treads ourselves with a light stain to match our hardwood floors. We painted the risers white.

Then all that was left to do was the finishing touches (caulking, replacing baseboard, touching up paint, etc.).

I love the way it turned out, and i love that we no longer have stinky carpet! Sorry i forgot to get a picture before we put the baby gate up.