My Top 10 Educational Gifts from 2017

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With Christmas under wraps, i thought it would be a good idea to share my top 10 favorite educational/learning toys my kids received this Christmas.

10 education gifts 2017

I just want to say this list has toys for pretty much every age range that we have in our family, from 1-12 years old.

So without further ado, and in no specific order, here is my list of top 10 favorite educational/learning toys…

1. Snap Circuits Jr. – This was a gift for my oldest son (12 years old), he loves it! I found it on Amazon.


2. Play & Explore Rocket – We got this for my 3 year old, but my 1 year old also loves it. You can find it at Lakeshore Learning.



3. Discovery Kids Magnetic Tiles– I found these at Walgreens for my 1 year old & 3 year old.


4. Tin Can Robot – I bought this on Amazon for my 3 older children.


5. Smart Robot – Also i bought this on Amazon, for my oldest son.


6. Potato Clock – Found this on Amazon, for my 3 oldest kids.


7. Don’t Let The Bugs Fall! Game – Another great purchase from Lakeshore Learning for my 3 year old. And it was on sale for under $10!


8. Enviro Battery – I got this on Amazon, once again for the 3 oldest kids.


9. Sharper Image Drone – My 2 oldest boys each got one of these from their uncle for Christmas, so i don’t know where he got them from. But this one on Amazon seems pretty close. I was hesitant to add this to my list, but my Hubby does feel like it is a good learning toy, so i added it to the list.


10. LEGO– My kids received several LEGO sets for Christmas, i always feel like LEGO’s are a good learning toy for children.


I hope you enjoyed my list of educational toys. What good educational/learning toys did your child(ren) receive this year?


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