Weight Loss Series – Day 2 – Top 10 Favorite Foods

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Hi Guys!

I’m back with day 2 in my weight loss series.

weight loss series

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my weight loss journey in yesterday’s post.

Today i’m excited to be sharing with you my Top 10 Favorite Foods. These are all delicious foods, that helped me lose weight.

top 10 favorite foods

1. Peanut Butter – I love Adam’s 100% Natural Peanut Butter. I wish i would have discovered it sooner. All it has in it is, peanuts and a little bit of salt.


2. Almond Milk – I love Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk. I use it in all the smoothies i make.


3. Avocados – These are so delicious in salads, wrapped up in a tortilla, or made up into guacamole.


4. Coconut Oil – My favorites are Coconut Oil Spray and Kirkland Organic Coconut Oil. I use the spray for everything you would use PAM for, and i use the oil for a lot of baking.



5. Bananas – There are so many different ways to use them; plain, frozen, blended, pancakes, etc. The list goes on. Anyway you eat them, they are delicious and full of good vitamins.


6. Dark ChocolateChocolate that is actually good for you! Plus it’s yummy! Win-Win!!


7. Eggs – Tons of protein and really easy to whip up.


8. Ranch Dressing – I love the original Ranch Lighthouse Dressing so much, but it’s not the healthiest, so i was really excited that Lighthouse came out with OPA Ranch dressing. It’s made with Greek Yogurt and so it’s a lot better for you than the original.


9. Wheat Tortillas – These tortillas are so good, and with only 70 calories per serving you can feel good about eating them.


10. Beans – Black beans and pinto beans are my favorite beans.


Bonus #11.Green Tea w/ Mint – This stuff is so tasty, and it really helps when i’m craving something not so great (like a fancy coffee drink from the overpriced coffee shop down the street).



What are some of your favorite foods for weight loss?



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