Homeschool Updates

We are already more than half way through our homeschool school year, so i thought now would be a good time to give you all some updates on what’s been going on with our homeschool.

homeschool updates 1

Our homeschool room – Update #1

When we first started out our school year, our homeschool room was in our old living room. I wrote a blog post giving you all a tour of our school room, you can look back at that HERE.

Well, shortly into the school year, that homeschool room set up wasn’t working for us anymore. So we moved our school room back to it’s previous location.

Well, that still wasn’t working for us, so we moved yet again.

Now we are in a new location (our old home office room) and so far i have to say i’m loving this set up.




The problem with the previous set ups were the baby was able to get a hold of everything. With this set up, the baby is outside of our school room and i’m still able to keep an eye on him. He is no longer distracting the kids by grabbing their school work.

Where we are at so far – Update #2

We are in our 23rd week , day 112.

Karina has already finished all of her handwriting book (this one was her second one so far this school year) and the boys are on their final week of vocabulary.

When will we be done – Update #3

As of right now, we are projected to be done with our school year on May 11th. That would be 37 weeks completed and a total of 183 days.

Entertaining Cruz (who is 3 years old) – Update #4

Entertaining a baby and a toddler is definitely one of the hardest things about homeschooling. Right now we are in a good rhythm, with the baby playing in the playroom until nap time while we do school work.

Cruz has the option to play with his baby brother in the playroom or join us in the school room. Lately he has been opting to join us, and when he does i give him these containers to play with.


They have all sorts of different stuff inside of them:

  • Puzzles
  • Magnets
  • Counting Bears
  • Playdough
  • and more…

They seem to be doing the job of entertaining him while not distracting the other kids.

Spelling woes – Update #5

My kids are not naturally gifted with spelling. Although i love the Spelling-You-See curriculum, my boys have been needing something extra. I didn’t want to purchase a brand new curriculum this far into the school year, so I’ve just been giving them a list of spelling words each week to master. So far it’s going really well, and i believe by the time our school year is up they will be able to spell all the words on their grade level spelling list.


All About Reading – Update #6

My daughter, Karina, has been using the All About Reading curriculum, level 1, this year. I bought this curriculum when we first started homeschooling, yet i was never able to truly give it a shot with my boys. However, i must say i’m loving using it with my daughter. She is learning so much. I’m impressed with how quickly she is grasping reading.

What i am not liking – Update #7

Christian Heroes Then & Now books. I really wanted to like these books, and i did really enjoy the Nate Saint one. However most of these books have incredibly hard names/locations to pronounce. And the chapters are not quick, they seem to drone on. Most days when i am reading them aloud, to the boys, i find myself not paying attention to what I’ve just read.

That’s all the stuff i can think of to update about right now. If you homeschool, let me know how your school year is going so far.


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