January Grocery Budget Challenge *Update*

Hi Guys!

Last month i shared with you all my January Grocery Budget Challenge, and today i’m going to give you an update and let you know how it went.

jan-budget-challenge-2018 update

To recap, my challenge was to spend $150 a week on food items and $200 a month on non food items for our family of 7.

Honestly, i didn’t do that well with the challenge. First i’ll give you the numbers, and then i’ll tell you why it didn’t go so well.

  • Food Items:

Week 1 = $196.75

Week 2 = $163.18

Week 3 = $202.45

Week 4 = $310.46 (We went to Costco this week, that’s why we spent so much)

Week 5 = $135.39

Budget for 5 weeks = $750   ~~ What i spent for 5 weeks = $1,008.23 ($258.23 OVER budget)

  • Non- food items:

Week 1 = $23.11

Week 2 = $0

Week 3 = $49.53

Week 4 = $69.94 (Costco trip this week, we stocked up on a lot of paper goods)

Week 5 = 12.30

Budget for 5 weeks = $200 ~~ What i spent for 5 weeks = $154.88 ($45.12 Under budget)

It was really hard to stay on budget. My biggest problem was with menu planning, trying to come up with budget friendly meals was my weakness. Because i didn’t want to just feed my family rice & beans every night. A Costco trip during week 4 also blew our budget big time for that week.

My 3 reasons for taking on this challenge were:

  • To take more control over my budget
  • To stop wasting food
  • To see if it is even possible to do

My thoughts on the challenge, now that it is over:

  1. I do feel like this challenge has helped me become for aware of what i’m spending, i am no longer just throwing things into the cart.
  2. We didn’t throw away as much food as we usually do, during this challenge.
  3. I do believe it is possible, but it would take a lot of time and work to make it happen.

There are my thoughts on the grocery challenge. I don’t think i will challenge myself again anytime soon with my grocery budget. However, i did learn from it, so it wasn’t a complete failure.


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