Tip Tuesday #3

Hi Guys!

Today i’m back with another Tip Tuesday!!

Tip Tuesday

This tip is the simplest thing ever, i am not sure why it took me soooo long to figure it out.

Making grilled cheese sandwiches in a Panini Press!


It’s truly genius! They come out beautifully each time!

Before discovering this tip, i would make them on the stove top. However, being a busy mom, i would get distracted forget to flip them. I would end up burning one side and under cooking the other. It was horrible.

I love that the Panini Press cooks the sandwich on both sides. There is no flipping. I just butter the top and the bottom piece of bread, and put some cheese in the middle.


Then i lower the Panini Press handle. (Notice the light is red at this point!)


And the light on it turns green when it is ready!


So easy and fast! I don’t know why i didn’t think of it before. I’ve had my Panini Press since 2012, and i didn’t discover/think of this brilliant idea until last year!

I hope you enjoyed today’s Tip!


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