We Love Earth Week 2018 {Day 3}

Hi Guys!

Today is day 3 of my “We Love Earth Week” celebration!


Here’s what we have been up today:

  • Our snack for today was inspired from this pinterest post, however mom fail, i forgot to buy pretzel sticks, so my kids really had no idea what this was supposed to be…

tree snack earth day

Oh well, they all still ate it. I added in the banana slice to make it look like the sun.

  • I download that printable yesterday from Teachers Pay Teachers and it had these fun word wall cards that we used today to talk about different Earth Day vocabulary words and ways that they each help the Earth.


Then we drew pictures of how we can help the Earth


Dasean drew the Earth giving himself a thumbs up for drawing himself recycling.



That’s it for our celebration today! Be sure to stop by tomorrow for day 4!


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