October Reading List

Hi Guys!

Another new month, another new reading list. Here’s what we are planning on reading this month…

October Reading List


Samuel (13 years old/ 8th Grade)


The Green Ember


9 From the Nine Worlds – This is a brand new book being released Tomorrow, we pre-ordered it a few weeks ago, my son can’t wait to read it.


Dasean (10 years old/ 5th Grade)


100 Cupboards


Karina (7 years old/ 2nd Grade)


I Like Bugs


Cruz (4 years old/ Preschool)


The Pout-Pout Fish


Veronica (Me!)


The Read-Aloud Family


The Long Path to Wisdom – It’s not going to be released until the 23rd of this month, but i pre-ordered it weeks ago and i’m very excited to read it!

That’s everything we have planned to read this month. What book(s) are you reading?


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