My Thoughts On Santa *With Bonus Elf On The Shelf Ideas* {Blogmas Day 6}

I grew up believing in Santa Claus. In fact I never knew that there were people out there that didn’t grow up believing.

my thoughts on santa

Because my parents did Santa, i just naturally continued with that tradition with my own children. And here are my thoughts on Santa…

Why i love Santa:

  • The excitement my kids get when it is Christmas Eve, when they know at any minute Santa will be coming. And the looks on their faces Christmas morning when they find Santa has come and eaten the cookies, drank the milk, and left them presents.

Why I don’t love Santa:

  • It does take some of the focus off Jesus (the real reason for Christmas)
  • I’m lying to my children, hiding stuff, keeping secrets. I really hate that part.

If I was able to go back to the beginning, that very first Christmas with my own children, i never would have done Santa. Now that we have been doing it for so long, i can’t stop, so we will continue to do Santa until my last child stops believing.

If you also do Santa, and have come to do Elf on the Shelf as well, i have a few ideas for you listed below…

  • First Day – Intro – Have the elf write out a message letting your kid(s) know what the elf is doing there, etc.


  • Have the elf fill up a bathroom sink with marshmallows and have your elf take a bath in it.
  • Have the elf play with your kid(s) toys.
  • Have the elf drink syrup from the bottle with a straw.
  • Have the elf make snow angels with flour.
  • Have the elf have a snow ball fight with other toys (or another elf), using tiny marshmallows as snow balls.


  • Have the elf write on a mirror with lipstick.
  • Have the elf bring your kid(s) a gingerbread house for them to decorate.
  • Have the elf redecorate your Christmas tree with toilet paper.
  • Have the elf write up a grocery list, with things like; sprinkles, syrup, candy canes, candy, etc. on the list.


I would love to hear if you do Santa or not in your house.


*Stock photo provided by Unsplash.*

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