February Favorites

Hi Guys!

Today i’m sharing all my favorite things from February.

Feb Favs 2019

Everybody, Always – This has been my favorite book i’ve read this year, so far. I highly recommend it.


Try Treats – I bought the monthly subscription service back at the end of December as a Christmas gift for the kids. We really have loved getting the treats from a different country every month. February we got treats from Ireland and they were fantastic!!


Teaching Textbooks – In February we switched my oldest son from Math-You-See to Teaching Textbooks and it’s been wonderful. He was really struggling with Algebra 1, even after watching the DVD lesson he would end up needing tremendous help with his worksheets. Finally we decided to make the switch and it’s been really great. He is understanding his math so much more!


That’s all for my February favorites. I hope you enjoyed this blog post.


*Stock photo provided by Unsplash. This post may contain affiliate links.*


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