Goals For March 2019 *Update*

Hi Guys!

Last month i shared my goals for March, and today i’m going to tell you how i did with my March goals…

march goals 2019 update

  1. Lose 5 pounds – This is the same number i had last month, and i think it’s doable again for March. I failed this goal big time! I actually gained 1 pound! 
  2. Read 6 books – This is a jump from my previous months of reading 4 books, however i think it’s totally doableI’m excited that i was able to complete this goal! I did a lot of reading in March!
  3. Get at least 15,000 steps each day – It was tough to get 15,000 steps every day last month, that’s why i don’t want to increase it yet. Yes, i was able to complete this goal again! 
  4. Go on 2 field trips – We didn’t go on any field trips last month, so i really want to go on 2 this month. We did go on 2 field trips, finally! 
  5. Remodel our camper trailer – We have an older camper trailer, that we temporarily fixed up a few years ago. Now we are really wanting to do a full makeover on it. I really hope we can get it done this month. We started taking apart the camper trailer, only to realize how badly rotted all the wood and everything was. So after gutting everything from inside, we have put a hold on the project to decide our next steps. 
  6. Plant a garden – With Spring right around the corner, now is the time for us to start planting. We got several things planted and we are about to plant more this weekend.


As you can see, i accomplished most of my goals for the month, however I’ve just been in a funk lately and working out/eating healthy have been incredibly hard for me. And that shows with my lack of weight loss. I’m really hoping i can pull myself together for April.

If you set goals for yourself in March, i’d love to hear how it went for you. Did you crush all your goals? Did you struggle to accomplish them?


*Stock photo provided by Unsplash.*

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