Our New Homeschool Room

Hey Guys!

As some of you might remember, back in 2018 we bought a house out in the country. We definitely down sized with this house, as we moved from a 2800 square feet house into this 1900 square feet house. In doing this move, we lost having a homeschool room.

I tried for 2 years to make dining room table schooling work for us. I know learning can (and does) happen everywhere, and that you don’t need a dedicated homeschool room to homeschool. However, not having a designated homeschool room doesn’t work for me.

Having some school work/supplies upstairs, some in a closet, some in the kids rooms, some in my room, was becoming super frustrating. With our house being the way it is, there was no way for us to have all the school work/supplies in one area together.

That is why we decided to build a school house…

IMG_5412 (1)

We were able to design it exactly how we wanted it.

IMG_5483 (1)

It only took us 2 months to build.

IMG_6353 (1)

We were able to add in built-in shelving.

IMG_6356 (1)

I love that the whole family was able to work on this project together.

IMG_6381 (1)

We still need to paint the exterior.

IMG_6439 (1)

We start school soon and we all can’t wait to do school in our new school house.

IMG_6445 (1)

Once the school house is fully organized and decorated i will share a homeschool room tour.

All this week i’m sharing homeschool stuff, so be sure to come back tomorrow for another homeschool post!

Take Care,



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