Homeschool Planner 2020-2021

Hey Guys!

Today i’m sharing what homeschool planner i’m using this year.


First, before i get into what planner i’m using this year, i thought i would share homeschool planners i have used in the past and what my thoughts on them are.

When we first started homeschooling i used Confession of a Homeschooler’s planner. Which worked ok for our first year. It’s pretty inexpensive ($9.95) because of the fact you have to print it out yourself. That was the part i didn’t really like about it. I found out i like already printed/bound planners.


My next year of homeschooling (and up until 3 years ago) i used, Well Planned Gal’s Homeschool planner. It ships to you already printed/bound, it has a lot more features (shopping lists, dinner menus, weekly to do lists, etc.), and is sort of reasonably priced ($34.95) for all that it offers.  What i didn’t like about it, is that it is only for up to 4 children.


I then tried the Bloom Daily Planner, which was very basic and simple compared to Well Planned Gal’s planner. What i didn’t like about it, was at the time we were doing year round schooling, and this planner started in August. The cost for this planner fell between COAH & Well Planned Gal, at only $19.95.


This year i’m using, A Simple Plan. I’m really excited to use this planner. I love that it starts in July (for those year round homeschoolers). It wasn’t as expensive as Well Planned Gal’s, this one was only $22.99. It can be used for up to 6 kids! It feels like it will be a perfect fit for our family.



If you are homeschooling and have a planner you love, i’d love to hear about it!

Happy Homeschooling!


*Stock photo from Unsplash. This post may contain affiliate links.*

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