Chickens Update

Hey Guys!

I’m not sure if you remember, i did a house/life update back in 2018, where i shared our chicken coop my parents built for us and i shared a picture of my favorite chicken Hazel. Since then i haven’t shared anything regarding the chickens, so i thought now would be a good time to give a chicken update.

first batch 2018 3

We first got chickens back in June 2018. We ordered 10 female Ameraucana chicks. When i picked up our order, there were 12 chicks inside the box. *Apparently if you order 10, they send you 2 extra just in case some of them don’t make it during shipping.* All 12 chicks survived shipping.

first batch 2018

They started growing really fast, and it was so much fun to watch them grow.

first batch 2018 2

My parents built an amazing coop for them, and they were all doing really well. With the exception of Hazel, who was born with a crooked beak which caused her to have trouble eating & drinking.

hazel 1

Hazel instantly became my favorite chicken. She was always so happy to see me. She would run up to me and want me to hold her. So, when she passed away in October of 2018 i was devastated.

hazel 2

Right now, we have 6 of the original 12 remaining. We lost the other 5 chickens due to the weather & our dog Bear.

The 6 that remain, lay beautiful blue/green/pink eggs every single day. We are very happy with our girls.

IMG_4654 (1)

In March of 2020, we bought 8 meat chicks in hopes of filling our freezer during these crazy times (covid 19). We lost 1 chick a few days after bringing them home. So we were down to 7. We decided butchering chickens isn’t for us, so we were just going to keep them and let them die naturally. Right now, we only have 2 meat birds remaining. It’s true what they say, they do die easily from heart attacks & broken legs.

second batch 2020 2

In April of 2020, we also decided to add more egg laying chicks to our family. We ordered 20 chicks, and they all arrived safe and sound. Although, we did lose 1 a few days after they arrived. They are doing great, and they just started to lay eggs.

So, if you are doing the math, we currently have 27 chickens!!

IMG_4075 (1)

IMG_4287 (1)

Raising chicks has been so much fun. My 4 year old especially loves our chickens.

IMG_4841 (1)

That’s it for my chicken update. I hope you all enjoyed hearing about our chickens. Until next time, take care!


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