Poetry Tea Time

Hey Guys!

If you are a homeschooler, then you have probably heard about Poetry Tea Time. It’s one of the latest trends in the homeschooling community, although it has been around for awhile now, it’s just now gaining a lot of popularity.

This school year we have joined the bandwagon and started having our own Poetry Tea Time once a month. So far we have only had 2 Poetry Tea Times, but i thought today i’d share with you all how its been going.

Our first Poetry Tea Time was in September and we did a Fall theme. You don’t have to do a theme for Poetry Tea Time, but i have decided for our family we will be doing themes. For our “Tea” we drank Apple Cider and we each read a Fall poem that we had found. We also had some fun snacks (apple flavored Oreo’s, Maple leave cookies, etc.). The kids really enjoyed it!

For our next Poetry Tea Time we did a Halloween theme. We drank red fruit punch for our “Tea”, we had some Halloween treats (candy corn, donuts, pudding with crushed Oreo’s and pumpkins, etc..), and read some Halloween poems.

My children and i aren’t big fans of poetry, however i feel like this little get together once a month will help broaden our horizons.

What are your thoughts on Poetry Tea Time?

*Stock photo provided by Unsplash.*

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