Halloween Plans 2020

Hey Guys!

This year, because of Covid-19, we are doing things differently for Halloween. I thought today i’d share our plans.

For Halloween, we usually go trick-or-treating, but this year for the safety of everyone we have felt it best to come up with other plans.

We are going to turn our whole property into a little “neighborhood” where they can make stops at different places (our house, our school house, our rv, etc.) and trick-or-treat.

This year(back in the Spring) we created our own little forest, on part of our property and so we are going to turn that forest into like a little haunted world, but you know way less creepy.

If it all turns out well, it should be a lot of fun!

This Friday, i plan on sharing all that we have bought (a Halloween Haul) for this little project of ours, so stay tuned for that if you are at all interested.

I also plan on sharing a tour of all that we create, “our Halloween neighborhood”, but that post probably won’t be up until the day before Halloween or on Halloween.

What are you doing for Halloween? Anything different, or trick-or-treating as usual?

*Stock photo provided by Unsplash.*

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