My 2nd Trimester Must Haves

Hey Guys!

Today i’m sharing some of my 2nd trimester must haves.

I am currently 31 weeks pregnant with baby number 6, and i thought i would just pass along what i felt like were must haves during my 2nd trimester.

2nd Trimester Must Haves:

  • Maternity Clothes – By this time my stomach was growing more and more, so it was time for maternity clothes!
  • Childbirth Books – I feel like this is the right time to read different childbirth books, to help you decide what you want for your own birth.
  • Magnesium Supplement – My Midwife recommended i take a magnesium supplement, and i am really loving this Calm one. It tastes yummy and i immediately noticed a difference in my body after taking it. It’s helped me with my insomnia and leg cramps.

I hope this list helps you get through the 2nd trimester!!

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3 thoughts on “My 2nd Trimester Must Haves”

    1. I used an OB-GYN for all 5 of my previous pregnancies and they never once recommended Magnesium. This pregnancy i switched over to a midwife and at the very first appointment, she recommended Magnesium and i’m so glad she did, it has helped so much!

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      1. I was scared af to give birth so I googled everything I was thinking. I found that OBGYN’s and midwives are suuuuper different. I mean my delivery was amazing but I honestly think I was just lucky.

        I really do wish I had known about Magnesium! I actually forgot to take mine today, I’ve been taking them every day since I read your blog post lmao! SO THANK YOU!

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