Blogmas 2020 {Day 22/ Christmas Decorations Tour}

Hi Guys!

Welcome back to another day of Blogmas!

Today i’m sharing all our Christmas decorations!

On the stairs we have all our stockings hung, for both humans and dogs. 🙂

This is also where we have set up all our animated Christmas stuffed animals. Every year we add at least one new one to our collection. It’s a fun tradition we started a few years back.

By the front door, we have some Christmas candles and other random decor items.

On the plant ledge, we have some Christmas trees and Rudolph.

In the dinning room we have this sign that i bought at Hobby Lobby.

That’s pretty much it for inside decor, besides a nativity and some small Christmas trees in the kid’s rooms.

We have lights on the outside of our house and a wreath hanging on the front door, but that’s all and not really worth showing.

Do you go all out with holiday decor? Or are you the less is more type of person?

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