My Social Media Break

At the end of August 2021, i deleted Facebook and Instagram from my phone. I desperately needed a social media break.

After i gave birth to my sixth child, my family started living in survival mode. We weren’t living, we were just surviving. The reason for that was because i was balancing a lot of different things; homeschooling 5 kids, taking care of a newborn, running a business, keeping up with the house, paying bills, taking care of dogs & chickens, etc. etc..

Most days it was just too much, so i had to drop some things. Like my kids wouldn’t get home cooked meals for every meal, instead they would maybe eat frozen pizzas for lunch or a bowl of cereal for breakfast. You get the idea. The house wouldn’t get as cleaned as i would have liked it. You know, things like that had to get dropped, so i could focus on the most important stuff.

I was also so exhausted from all the things i do all day and then being up most of the night with a baby.

To add on top of what i was already feeling (worn out, exhausted, defeated), i would go on social media and there would be a mom doing it all and making it all look so easy. Or with this pandemic going on, i would go online and see people i love & care about handling the pandemic differently than i would. It all just started to add to the stress & anxiety i was already feeling.

I knew then i needed a break. To clear all the noise. To focus on what really mattered. To no longer play the comparing game. To come back to life.

My baby is older now, so that has helped me to not feel as exhausted anymore.

My husband has been helping out a lot more around the house & with the kids, so i don’t feel like it’s all on me anymore.

We got rid of the chickens (that’s a story for another day), so that has helped lighten the load.

It’s been almost 5 months now and i feel refreshed. I’m not sure if i will post anything on social media anytime soon, but i have recently added them back onto my phone.

Have you ever taken a social media break? If so, did you go back to regular (posting, commenting, liking, etc.) or did you change how much you were online after your break?

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