To Blog OR Not To Blog…

Do i keep blogging, or do i stop blogging?

That is the question.

Backstory time…

I started blogging back before social media was a thing.

I started my blog as a way for my family to keep up with things going on with my kids. It was like a scrapbook i was keeping of my children, for my family. New pictures of them, funny stories about things they did, birthday parties, etc.

Then we started homeschooling and i was blogging about that journey, along with sharing new resources i was creating for homeschooling. I started gaining followers who were not my family. I was also sharing other life stuff too (i.e. weight loss, marriage, books, traveling, recipes, etc.).

Just recently, i started to not share anymore about my children. My family is all on social media, so if i feel like sharing stuff with them about my children i do that on my private accounts.

I could continue with blogging, but i feel like i’m running out of things to say. Especially since now i have limits on what i will and will not share. I could pick one thing to blog about and stick with that, but even i would get bored of that.

I know it sounds crazy to give up now, especially if you are a numbers person. If you look at my numbers, the amount of likes and follows goes up daily. Why give up when you are growing?

I’m not sure what i want to do, so i’m going to take the rest of June off from blogging to hopefully make a final decision. The next 2 weeks are going to be crazy busy for our family anyways, so i think taking this break will be a really good thing for me. A time to clear my head.

See you back here, July 1st.

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