January Books

Hi Guys!

Today i’m sharing what we are reading in January!

Samuel (10th Grade)

The Fever Code (Maze Runner, Book 5) – He has really enjoyed this series, not sure what he is going to read next.

Dasean (7th Grade)

Case Closed #1: Mystery in the Mansion

Karina (4th Grade)

The Never Girls Collection #2 – She is still working her way through these books!

Cruz (1st Grade) & Lincoln (Preschool)

We are going to be reading some Winter themed books this month, which i will share in a separate blog post!

Veronica (Me)

Didn’t See That Coming

That’s all we are reading in January. What are you reading?

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My 3rd Trimester Must Haves

Hi Guys!

Today i’m sharing some of my 3rd trimester must haves.

I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant with baby number 6, and i thought i would just pass along what i feel like are must haves during my 3rd trimester.

3rd Trimester Must Haves:

  • Red Raspberry Leaf Tea – Drinking a cup a day (and up to 3 cups at 37 weeks) can help to decrease labor time. I’m not sure if this is really true or not, but i’m trying it cause why not?!
  • Probiotic – My midwife has recommended that i start taking a probiotic during the 3rd trimester to help promote good vaginal flora.
  • Extra Pillows – I don’t buy into the whole gimmick of a pregnancy body pillow, because to me it’s not practical. What do you even do with it after pregnancy?! Plus they are so expensive, $50 for a pillow?! That’s crazy! I do however like to have the support of an extra pillow during the 3rd trimester, but i always buy the cheap $5 – $10 ones! Plus, even after you are done being pregnant you can always use extra pillows!
  • Dates – It’s been said that eating 6 dates per day in the month leading up to your due date can help a women go into labor on their own, and dates also help with cervical ripening. Once again, not sure if this is true or not, but why not try it?! What have you got to loose?!
  • and everything else i mentioned in my 1st and 2nd trimester must haves!

I hope this list helps you get through the 3rd trimester!!

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Happy New Year

Hi Guys!

I’m taking a small break (i’ll be back with another blog post Monday) to spend some time with my family. However, i didn’t want to miss out on wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

I hope 2021 brings nothing but the BEST for all of my readers!

I thought it would be fun to ask you all some questions (be sure to comment your answers) and share my answers as well…

Do you make New Years resolutions? Or do you pick a Word of the Year?

  • I normally just set goals each month (it’s way easier for me to accomplish goals that way) then to come up with a big resolution for the whole year. I’d love to hear what you do though.

Do you stay up until midnight? Or are you fast asleep even before 10 o’clock?

  • Honestly, it has been a few years since i have made it to midnight, i normally end up falling asleep right around 10. This year, with being 33 weeks pregnant, i don’t have much hope i will make it to midnight.

Do you do a fancy New Years meal? Or do you keep it simple?

  • We keep it simple, no big feast. Just something yummy!

Let me know what you are up to this New Years, it’s always fun to see how other people celebrate!

And once again, Happy New Year!!

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33 Weeks Pregnant {Baby #6 Update}

Hi Guys!

Today i thought i would share a baby #6 update!

I’m currently 33 weeks and 2 days pregnant with baby #6. I had a midwife appointment last week and everything is looking great with the baby. His heart rate was good (140’s) and my stomach was measuring at exactly 32 weeks.

Baby has been head down for the longest time now and i’m hoping he stays that way.

In my 24 week update i shared how i had gained 7 pounds, well i’ve gained another 8 pounds, for a total of 15 pounds so far.

I’m not having any cravings at the moment. I still get heartburn from time to time, which is completely normal for me when i’m pregnant.

The biggest change of all is i switched over to a midwife, at 27 weeks. I’ll share more details on all that towards the middle of January. But i will say this, i’m really happy i made the switch!

That’s all i can think of to update at the moment.