April Favorites

Hey There!

Today i’m sharing all my favorites from April!

april favs 2019

Takeya Water Bottle – I love this bottle, i put ice & water in it in the morning, and by the afternoon/evening i still have ice in it!


Spring Fragrance Oils – I really love the Rain and Freesia scents.


Mrs. Meyer’s Multi Surface Cleaner Mint – I loved this so much the first time i tried it, that i returned to the store to buy the remaining 3 bottles they had. It smells so fantastic!


Tulips – We planted a TON of tulip bulbs last fall, and they really started to bloom in April. I just love tulips so much!


Trader Joe’s Roasted Plantain Chips – These things are so delicious, and highly addicting. If you have a Trader Joe’s near you, i recommend hitting it up to try these chips out!


Those are all my favorites from April, i hope you enjoyed it.


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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Hey there!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, i thought i would share some gift ideas for the special mom in your life…


  1. Flowers – Flowers are pretty much the classic Mother’s Day gift right? That’s usually what i send my mom. I love the selection and affordable prices that Proflowers has to offer.
  2. Chocolates – What mom doesn’t love chocolate?! See’s Candies are absolutely delicious and they have several Mother’s Day gift boxes available.
  3. Makeup – If your mom is into makeup, but you aren’t sure what to get her, how about an Ulta or Sephora gift card.
  4. Books Books always make a great gift.
  5. JewelryNoonday has an amazing collection of jewelry.
  6. Coffee/Tea – A new coffee maker, a gift card to her favorite coffee shop, or if she likes tea, DavidsTea has the most amazing teas.
  7. ClothingOld Navy, Zulily, and Maurices are my favorite places to buy clothing.

mothers day gift ideas

I hope you have enjoyed this short list of ideas.


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Goals for April 2019 *Update*

Hey there!

Last month i shared my goals for April, and today i’m going to tell you how i did with my April goals…

april 2019 goals update

  1. Lose 7 pounds – I failed last month to lose any weight, in fact i gained weight, so i’m really going to hit it hard this month. I’ve been struggling since the middle of February to lose weight at a good and steady pace. I lost some this month (3 pounds), but missed this goal. 
  2. Read 4 books – I’m doing pretty good hitting all my book reading goals and i want to continue doing well, so i’m setting a smaller goal this month. I was able to accomplish reading 4 books in April! 
  3. Get 10,000 steps every day – I’m lowering it down this month, only to take some pressure off of myself. I’m starting to feel myself getting burnt out from big goalsThere was only one day in April where i didn’t get over 10,000 steps.
  4. De-clutter my closet – My closet is in desperate need of attention. My goal this month is to get it cleaned out and organized. I was so happy to clean out, organize, and de-clutter my closet. I’m so glad i made this one of my goals for the month and that i was able to do it!

I feel like the past couple of months i’ve been super struggling with reaching all my goals, i’m really going to push myself harder this month to reach my goals. How are you doing with your goals?


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Goals for May 2019


Every month this year, i am making goals for that month and sharing them with you all. Today i’m going to be sharing my goals for May…

may goals 2019

  1. Go to the park 1 time each week – Now that our homeschool co-op has ended for the Summer (which i will share more about that next week), we have more time in our schedule so i thought it would be fun to go to the park every week to burn off some energy.
  2. Buy the rest of our curriculum for next school year – I’ve started buying piece by piece our curriculum for the next school year (which starts in July for us), so this month i really want to finish up buying all of our curriculum.
  3. Wear a skirt/dress every day – I challenged myself a few years ago to wear skirts/dresses for one month, but i only made it half way through the month. I’m hoping this time i will be successful.
  4. Read 3 books – My full reading challenge for this year is 50 books, i’ve already read 20 books, so i feel like 3 books this month will be a good goal for me.


That’s it, those are my goals for the month. I’d love to hear your goals.


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May Reading List

Hey there!

May is just around the corner, so i thought today i’d share what we are planning on reading in May.

may reading list

Samuel (13 years old/ 8th Grade)


Dandelion Fire (100 Cupboards Book 2)

Dasean (11 years old/ 5th Grade)


Secret of the Staircase (The Virginia Mysteries Book 4)

Karina (7 years old/ 2nd Grade)


The Bravest Dog Ever: The True Story of Balto

Veronica (Me!)


Bible Promises for Moms


Mere Motherhood


The Bronte Plot

That’s it, those are all the books we have planned to read this month. What are you reading?


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