Halloween Plans 2020

Hey Guys!

This year, because of Covid-19, we are doing things differently for Halloween. I thought today i’d share our plans.

For Halloween, we usually go trick-or-treating, but this year for the safety of everyone we have felt it best to come up with other plans.

We are going to turn our whole property into a little “neighborhood” where they can make stops at different places (our house, our school house, our rv, etc.) and trick-or-treat.

This year(back in the Spring) we created our own little forest, on part of our property and so we are going to turn that forest into like a little haunted world, but you know way less creepy.

If it all turns out well, it should be a lot of fun!

This Friday, i plan on sharing all that we have bought (a Halloween Haul) for this little project of ours, so stay tuned for that if you are at all interested.

I also plan on sharing a tour of all that we create, “our Halloween neighborhood”, but that post probably won’t be up until the day before Halloween or on Halloween.

What are you doing for Halloween? Anything different, or trick-or-treating as usual?

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Poetry Tea Time

Hey Guys!

If you are a homeschooler, then you have probably heard about Poetry Tea Time. It’s one of the latest trends in the homeschooling community, although it has been around for awhile now, it’s just now gaining a lot of popularity.

This school year we have joined the bandwagon and started having our own Poetry Tea Time once a month. So far we have only had 2 Poetry Tea Times, but i thought today i’d share with you all how its been going.

Our first Poetry Tea Time was in September and we did a Fall theme. You don’t have to do a theme for Poetry Tea Time, but i have decided for our family we will be doing themes. For our “Tea” we drank Apple Cider and we each read a Fall poem that we had found. We also had some fun snacks (apple flavored Oreo’s, Maple leave cookies, etc.). The kids really enjoyed it!

For our next Poetry Tea Time we did a Halloween theme. We drank red fruit punch for our “Tea”, we had some Halloween treats (candy corn, donuts, pudding with crushed Oreo’s and pumpkins, etc..), and read some Halloween poems.

My children and i aren’t big fans of poetry, however i feel like this little get together once a month will help broaden our horizons.

What are your thoughts on Poetry Tea Time?

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5 Fall Children’s Books You’re Going To Love

Hey Guys!

Today i’m sharing 5 Fall books that you and your children are sure to love!

Autumn in the Forest – This adorable little board book follows a chipmunk through the forest, as it prepares for winter.

Fall Leaves – Such a beautiful book, that really captures the spirit of Fall.

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves – This book will have you falling in love with Fletcher the fox and his innocence.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn – A lovely, sweet, and beautifully illustrated book!

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves – My children and I love all the “There Was An Old Lady..” books!

Have you read any of these books? What’s your favorite Fall themed children’s book?

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Fall Haul 2020

Hey Guys!

Fall has always been my favorite season, i love everything about it… the cooler weather, rainy days, colorful leaves, pumpkin carving, apple picking, and so much more! One of my favorite things though, is decorating my house for Fall. Making my house feel all warm and cozy for Fall is just the best feeling.

Anyways, i could go on and on about my love for Fall, so instead let’s just jump into today’s post. Today i’m sharing something super fun, a Fall haul!!

I like to add just a few touches to my house for Fall, as i am a firm believer in less is more. So you aren’t going to see anything too crazy below.

Pillow Covers – I bought these on Amazon and i love them! They are the perfect addition to our living room! Amazon had a great selection of Fall themed pillow covers, it was really hard to just pick 1 set!

Fall Banner – A really cute addition to our fireplace!

Tea light Candle Holder – I got these at Hobby Lobby and i think they are super cute. They were on sale (40% off) when i bought them!

In the daytime
In the night time

Autumn Fragrance Oils – They smell so good. Makes the whole house smells like Fall.

Fall Candles – Ulta makes some really great candles, they smell amazing! I bought these when they were on sale (under $10) and i used some ulta rewards points i had, so i basically got these for free!

Fall Coffee Cups – Hobby Lobby had an amazing selection of coffee mugs, i seriously wanted all of them. It was hard to just walk away with 3 😉

Fall Doormat – How cute is this doormat?! Such an easy, festive addition to the exterior of our house!

That’s my Fall Haul for 2020, i hope you enjoyed it!

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