Goals For April 2019

Hi Guys!

Every month this year, i am making goals for that month and sharing them with you all. Today i’m going to be sharing my goals for April…

april 2019 goals

  1. Lose 7 pounds – I failed last month to lose any weight, in fact i gained weight, so i’m really going to hit it hard this month.
  2. Read 4 books – I’m doing pretty good hitting all my book reading goals and i want to continue doing well, so i’m setting a smaller goal this month.
  3. Get 10,000 steps every day – I’m lowering it down this month, only to take some pressure off of myself. I’m starting to feel myself getting burnt out from big goals.
  4. De-clutter my closet – My closet is in desperate need of attention. My goal this month is to get it cleaned out and organized.

That’s it, those are my goals for the month. I’d love to hear your goals.


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April Reading List

Hi Guys!

Today i’m sharing with you all the books we have planned to read in April.

april reading list

However, i feel like i have to share that this list is incomplete and short this month, for a few reasons.

1 – We are in the middle of moving, so a lot of our books are packed up.

2 – We are nearing the end of our homeschool year, so we are kinda keeping things light.

3 – My kids love to read and go through several small books, so therefore i don’t share every single book they end up reading.

4. – Because of the previously mentioned move (see reason #1), i didn’t get to finish all my books i had planned to read in March (i still have 2 more of those books to read), so i am finishing those books up and only adding 1 more to my list this month.

Now here is what we are reading in April…

Samuel (12 years old/ 7th grade)


Around The World In Eighty Days

Dasean (10 years old/ 4th grade)


The Winter Rescue (Sugar Creek Gang book 3)

Karina (6 years old/ 1st grade)


The Runt Pig

Veronica (Me!)


All The Light We Cannot See

So, that’s what we are reading this month! What are you reading? Let me know in the comments!


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April 2018 Holidays {Free Printable}

Tomorrow is April 1st! So you know what that means, a whole new month with some fun, and sometimes strange, holidays!

april 2018 holidays

Here are all the holidays, on my free printable, for April:

1 – April Fool’s Day

1 – Easter

2 – National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

3 – World Party Day

4 – Walk Around Things Day

5 – National Dandelion Day

6 – National Walk To Work Day

7 – National Beer Day

7 – No Housework Day

8 – Draw a picture of a bird day

9 – Name Yourself Day

10 – National Siblings Day

12 – Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

12 – National Licorice Day

13 – Scrabble Day

15 – Titanic Remembrance Day

15 – World Art Day

16 – Save The Elephant Day

19 – National High Five day

20 – Look Alike Day

22 – Earth Day

22 – National Jelly Bean Day

23 – Take a Chance day

26 – National Pretzel Day

26 – Take Your Daughter to Work day

28 – Great Poetry Reading Day

30 – National Honesty Day

As always, I’ve made it into a PDF for you to be able to print it out and use it as you would like.

You can download it for yourself, HERE.