Blog Planner 2021

Hey Guys!

Today I’m interrupting Blogmas, only momentarily (Blogmas Day 4 will post shortly), to bring you my 2021 Blog Planner.

If you are a blogger, then this post is for you.

My 2021 blog planner is simple, yet does the job. I’ve been creating/using my own blog planner for years and i absolutely love it. It helps me to stay organized, it gives me a place to write down ideas, and it’s light enough to carry around with me (anyone else think some planners are just too big and bulky and weigh you down?!).

My blog planner includes:

  • A year-at-a-glance calendar
  • Monthly calendars
  • A monthly extra info page (a place to keep track of giveaways, post ideas, etc.)
  • and brainstorming pages.

You can download my 2021 Blog Planner for FREE, here!

Happy blogging!

Blog Planner 2019 {Free Printable}

Hi Guys!

This year i decided to make my own blog planner versus buying one. That way i could put everything into that i wanted and wasn’t having to pay for all the extra things i don’t even use.

So if you are a blogger yourself and your looking for a very simple basic blog planner for the new year, then this one is for you…

2019 blog planner

Included in this 30 page blog planner is…

  • Year at a glance
  • Monthly calendars
  • Monthly extra information pages
  • and brainstorming pages


I printed my planner out on regular paper, but you could use cardstock, if you want something a little bit sturdier.

And then i used my Fellowes Binding Machine to bind it all together.


Now it’s ready to use! Super easy! (If you don’t have the binding machine, you could use a 3-ring binder, or anything else, it’s super customizable that way!!)

You can download it for yourself, HERE!!

And if you are not a blogger, but you could use something like this in your life, don’t worry, i’ll have my 2019 planner up soon!!


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