October Books

Hey Guys!

Today i’m sharing what we are reading in October.

Samuel (10th Grade)

The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner Book 2)

Dasean (7th Grade)

Back Before Dark (Code of Silence Book 2)

Karina (4th Grade)

The Never Girls Collection, book 2

Cruz & Lincoln (1st Grade & Preschool)

Fish Out of Water

Good Night Gorilla

Harold and the Purple Crayon

Ice Cream Summer

Sheep in a Jeep

Veronica (Me)

When No One Is Watching

Read Aloud

The Knight at Dawn (Magic Tree House, book 2)

That’s all we are reading this month. What are you reading?

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Printer Review

Hey Guys!

I recently had to purchase a new printer, as my old one stopped working. I thought i’d share my thoughts on my new printer (and my old one) just in case someone is looking to purchase a new printer.

For my new printer i went with the HP Officejet 3830. Some of the reasons i choose this printer were:

  • Price (under $100)
  • Cost of ink (under $30 each)
  • Size (small)

My old printer (HP Officejet Pro 8610) was a great printer. I bought it back in 2016 and loved it very much. What i didn’t like about it was the cost of ink. Color ink cost over $60 and black ink was over $30. It was also very big, it took up a lot of space. One day it just started to display a message that my print head wasn’t installed (when it was) and it never worked again.

Back to my new printer, i really like how fast it prints/copies. I have no complaints there. However, i hate how little paper it holds, so you have to constantly add paper. It also gets quite a few paper jams. Also, when it is low on ink it will tell you, but once it runs out completely it won’t tell you, so you could be in the middle of printing something and it will just keep printing with no ink, so you are wasting paper because you will then have to reprint whatever it is you are printing.

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on my printers. Do you have a printer you love? If so, let me know.

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School House Tour

Hey Guys!

Today i’m giving you an inside tour of our school house.

As i’ve shared before, we built a school house over the summer. It’s about 200 square feet, and so far has been working perfectly for our family.

We did a built-in shoe bench & coat rack. We also did built-in shelving and cabinets.

We got the 3 older kids desks (the white desks) at Office Depot, along with the chairs. The little kids table is from Lakeshore Learning, we bought it way back when we first started homeschooling (8 years ago).

For paint, we used Sherwin Williams Sea Salt on the walls & a just a Pure White on the trim & woodwork. For the floor we used laminate from Lowes called Pro Core Surfaces in the shade Legacy Oak.

I hope you enjoyed this peak inside our school house. Let me know if you have any questions.

First Week of School Recap

Hey Guys!

Last week we started school, so i thought i would share how it went, what i’ve changed this year, and what still needs to be tweaked.

photo-1519406596751-0a3ccc4937fe (1)

Our first week back went pretty smoothly. This year we are still doing a 4 day schedule, the only change is that Mondays are now our days off, instead of Fridays. I am really liking having Mondays off, i feel like when school starts on Tuesday i’m more prepared. When we had Fridays off, it felt like Friday was just a “Woo-hoo! We made it through the week let’s party” type day. Now having Mondays off, it feels like Mondays are a “let’s get ready to tackle this week” type day. I feel like more is being accomplished during the week and that i’m more prepared to do school.


Another change we have made this year is, we are now doing math in the afternoon versus first thing in the morning. I have no idea why i didn’t do this sooner, as it really has made a world of difference. There has been no complaining or crying over math, yet. Also, i just feel like my kids are able to focus more on mathematical problems when they are truly fully awake (which by the afternoon they are) and have a few good meals in their stomach.

photo-1509228468518-180dd4864904 (1)

This year we are also doing school in our school house we built. This has been a huge blessing and i can’t imagine going back to dining room table schooling again. Having all our school work in one area just feels amazing. No more running up and down a flight of stairs to grab something you forgot.

IMG_6445 (1)

The one major thing that isn’t working right now for us is, my preschool & first grader schedules. I really need to find things to entertain them while i teach a lesson/work with my older students. Right now their schedules leave lots of gaps of time where they have nothing scheduled to do, so they get creative and before i know it we have gone through several bottles of glue and it’s only the first week of school.



I plan on sharing our schedules and a tour of our school house in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned for that. If you have started back to school, i’d love to hear how it’s going.


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September Books

Hey Guys!

It’s been awhile since i’ve shared what books we are reading, so i thought today i would share we are are reading in September.


Samuel (10th Grade)

The Maze Runner


Dasean (7th Grade)

Code of Silence


Karina (4th Grade)

The Never Girls Collection – Book 1



Cruz (1st Grade) and Lincoln (Preschool)

Blueberries For Sal

The Runaway Bunny

Caps for Sale


Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

If you Give a Dog a Donut

Make Way for Ducklings

Rechenka’s Egg

An Egg is Quiet


Veronica (Me)

The Wives


Read Aloud

Dinosaurs Before Dark


Those are all the books we are reading in September. What are you reading?


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