Welcome To The Farmhouse

Hi Guys!

I have really wanted to just sit down and share with you all the after pictures of all work we have done to our new house. Ever since we signed the papers and got the keys to the house we have been super busy with projects going on, on the inside and outside. So i think what i will do is share what has been done, and why it was done, along with what we are still wanting to accomplish.


I’ll start with the inside first.

What has been done:

  • new paint on the trim/base/doors/woodwork,
  • new paint on the walls
  • new paint on the ceiling
  • new paint on the cabinets
  • new carpet throughout house
  • added some base that was missing in the upstairs room
  • deep cleaned entire house
  • fixed 2 toilets that weren’t working properly

Here are some before & after pictures of the interior

new house 1

new house 2

new house 3

In case you are one of those people asking why? The house looked move in ready in the before pictures, so why did you spend so much time/energy/money on painting everything and ripping out/replacing carpets??? I’ll explain a little bit.

Well, our house is in the country. In the country mice are very present. We bought the house with the knowledge that mice were present/or had been present in the house.

So our first plan of attack once we got the keys was to see just how bad the problem was, is it a current problem or a past problem, and then go from there. There was a ton of mice droppings in our garage and some throughout the house. However we haven’t seen any live mice in the house, yet. So it appears to be a past problem, but it was needing a good cleaning up from.

We felt like for the safety of our children, giving them a fresh clean house was absolutely necessary.

So that’s what’s been going on inside the house.

Future plans for inside the house would be to maybe either replace the current hardwood floors, or just give them a makeover. Not sure yet if/when that would happen. We also would like to redo the master bathroom’s shower and tub, once again not sure if/when that would happen.

That’s about it for inside the house.

Here’s what has been done to the exterior:

  • backyard has been scrapped
  • 2 corrals have been scrapped
  • topsoil has been layed down near the house

before and after pictures

new house 4

We really needed to scrap the yard it was filled with nasty weeds, especially a ton of goat heads. Oh, how i hate goat heads!

Here are the plans for the yard:

The 2 corrals that we had scrapped are going to be used for a chicken coop. We plan to seal around it with wire fencing, and built a little something in there for chickens.

The back half of the backyard we will eventually use for growing fruits and veggies. That will happen next year.

The front half of the backyard we will lay down sod and put up a fence, that way little babies and future puppies won’t be able to escape. That should happen within the next week or two.

The front of the house, we are still debating on what we are going to do with it. So no plans as of yet for it.

We do plan to eventually build a shop somewhere on the property. And there is talk of building a little school house also on the property. We’ll see what happens though.

I hope you have all enjoyed this little update on the house and that i’m not completely boring you with non-stop blog posts about our new house. I promise to get back to my regular content soon.




House Hunting

Hi Guys!

I’m planning on doing this new thing here on the blog, where i share real life (in mostly real time) happenings at least one day a week.

Today i’m going to share about our house hunting journey so far.

house hunting

We knew we wanted to buy a house this year. I shared it with you all as one of my goals for 2018. I thought around Summertime we would start the process of trying to get qualified, etc… but my Hubby decided to talk with a lender sooner, just to see.

And it turned out we were pre-qualified. Yay!

We immediately started looking for houses. We looked at so many houses, and then we found this one that we both really liked. We put in an offer and it was accepted!


Then, our next step was going through the inspection. This house, although we loved it, had more than a few things wrong with it. It felt like if we would have bought it, all our money would have gone into fixing up all the problems. We didn’t want that. We just wanted to buy a house and enjoy it.

So we continued on looking for another house…

At this point my husband and i both thought it was almost impossible to find a house. We had looked at well over 30 houses! But somehow, another beautiful house came along…


Sadly, another person beat us to it and their offer was accepted. The hunt for a house was still on and our hope of finding a house was dwindling away by the minute.

Luckily, a few days later we found another house we liked and put an offer in on it right away. It was accepted, we have gone through inspection (which was great!), and we are supposed to close towards the end of April on it, if everything goes ok.

*I’ll share photo’s of the house once it’s officially ours*


I plan on keeping you all in the loop with what happens with this process. My husband and i have both decided that if this doesn’t go through ,for whatever reason, we aren’t going to continue with the house buying process. We will just continue to rent for another year or so. So fingers crossed that everything goes through smoothly and we are home owners by the end of April!