Chickens Update

Hey Guys!

I’m not sure if you remember, i did a house/life update back in 2018, where i shared our chicken coop my parents built for us and i shared a picture of my favorite chicken Hazel. Since then i haven’t shared anything regarding the chickens, so i thought now would be a good time to give a chicken update.

first batch 2018 3

We first got chickens back in June 2018. We ordered 10 female Ameraucana chicks. When i picked up our order, there were 12 chicks inside the box. *Apparently if you order 10, they send you 2 extra just in case some of them don’t make it during shipping.* All 12 chicks survived shipping.

first batch 2018

They started growing really fast, and it was so much fun to watch them grow.

first batch 2018 2

My parents built an amazing coop for them, and they were all doing really well. With the exception of Hazel, who was born with a crooked beak which caused her to have trouble eating & drinking.

hazel 1

Hazel instantly became my favorite chicken. She was always so happy to see me. She would run up to me and want me to hold her. So, when she passed away in October of 2018 i was devastated.

hazel 2

Right now, we have 6 of the original 12 remaining. We lost the other 5 chickens due to the weather & our dog Bear.

The 6 that remain, lay beautiful blue/green/pink eggs every single day. We are very happy with our girls.

IMG_4654 (1)

In March of 2020, we bought 8 meat chicks in hopes of filling our freezer during these crazy times (covid 19). We lost 1 chick a few days after bringing them home. So we were down to 7. We decided butchering chickens isn’t for us, so we were just going to keep them and let them die naturally. Right now, we only have 2 meat birds remaining. It’s true what they say, they do die easily from heart attacks & broken legs.

second batch 2020 2

In April of 2020, we also decided to add more egg laying chicks to our family. We ordered 20 chicks, and they all arrived safe and sound. Although, we did lose 1 a few days after they arrived. They are doing great, and they just started to lay eggs.

So, if you are doing the math, we currently have 27 chickens!!

IMG_4075 (1)

IMG_4287 (1)

Raising chicks has been so much fun. My 4 year old especially loves our chickens.

IMG_4841 (1)

That’s it for my chicken update. I hope you all enjoyed hearing about our chickens. Until next time, take care!


Our New Homeschool Room

Hey Guys!

As some of you might remember, back in 2018 we bought a house out in the country. We definitely down sized with this house, as we moved from a 2800 square feet house into this 1900 square feet house. In doing this move, we lost having a homeschool room.

I tried for 2 years to make dining room table schooling work for us. I know learning can (and does) happen everywhere, and that you don’t need a dedicated homeschool room to homeschool. However, not having a designated homeschool room doesn’t work for me.

Having some school work/supplies upstairs, some in a closet, some in the kids rooms, some in my room, was becoming super frustrating. With our house being the way it is, there was no way for us to have all the school work/supplies in one area together.

That is why we decided to build a school house…

IMG_5412 (1)

We were able to design it exactly how we wanted it.

IMG_5483 (1)

It only took us 2 months to build.

IMG_6353 (1)

We were able to add in built-in shelving.

IMG_6356 (1)

I love that the whole family was able to work on this project together.

IMG_6381 (1)

We still need to paint the exterior.

IMG_6439 (1)

We start school soon and we all can’t wait to do school in our new school house.

IMG_6445 (1)

Once the school house is fully organized and decorated i will share a homeschool room tour.

All this week i’m sharing homeschool stuff, so be sure to come back tomorrow for another homeschool post!

Take Care,



I’m Back

Hey Guys!

If you look back at my blog, you will see that my last blog post was in May of 2019. That’s right, i took a whole year off from blogging. It wasn’t a planned break, life just kind of happened and i needed to clear my mind.

I’m back now, and i hope to get back into a blogging rhythm soon. However, I didn’t just want to start blogging again without some sort of explanation of my absence. I wish i could share with you, all the personal details that lead to my “blog break”, but i’m not comfortable with that yet, maybe someday. Until then, it feels good to be back doing what i love (blogging).

In a couple of weeks we will be starting back up with homeschool, this will be our 8th year of homeschooling! I know a lot of you are also homeschoolers, so this week i will be sharing a lot of homeschool stuff. If you are interested in that, then you won’t want to miss my blog posts this week!

I hope you all are doing well and i will be back Tuesday with another blog post. Have a great weekend everyone!


Valentines, Colds, and Goals… {Life Update}

Hi Guys!

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, and if you don’t celebrate, then i hope you had a wonderful Thursday! Fun Fact: My husband proposed to me on Valentine’s Day, 16 years ago. It seems like so long ago, i was just a baby then (17 years old). 

val day flowers

We have been battling a cold in our house for the past week, so that is why there hasn’t been much new content on the blog. The 2 year old has it really bad, and is not really napping because of the cold. Which, if you are a work from home mom, you know those nap times are when all the work magic happens, so if they stop taking the naps, your whole schedule gets messed up. But it’s fine, it’s fine. He is on the mend (he actually took a 2 hour nap today), so i’m back on track.

lincoln watching movie

One of my goals for February was to put out 3 blog posts every week, but i don’t want to just put out content for the sake of putting out content, i want it to be good/useful content. So far, it looks like i’m going to make that goal, but it would be super helpful if you (Yes, YOU reading this blog post) could leave me a comment and let me know what else you would like to see/hear about… Do you want more homeschooling things? Mom life/parenting? Food? Animals? Books? Fitness?… Let me know in the comments.

charlie in bathtub

I did this crazy thing recently, well crazy for me at least because i’m such a big introvert. We joined a homeschool co-op. It had really been a goal of mine to get out there, and meet new people, etc. So i heard about a new co-op in my area starting, and i went to the information meeting, and ended up signing the family up to join. This was a huge step for me. HUGE. It has turned out to be pretty great though, the kids are loving it, and all the people there are so friendly.

homeschool table

That’s about all the news i had to share. I hope you all had a fantastic week.

Take care,





Homeschooling In Small Spaces

Hi Guys!

Last year we moved from a 2,600 Square feet house into a 1,900 square feet house. In downsizing, we lost a dedicated school room, so now we’ve been doing most of our school work at the dinning room table. I know, from first hand experience, that homeschooling in a small space can be tricky, but it’s also completely doable.

homeschooling small spaces

Here’s how we have been doing it…

  1. Find a spot for your curriculum/books/Supplies (Tip: Think outside the box) – We have this little area at the top of our stairs, which i refer to as the “book nook area”, where we keep all our curriculum, books, and supplies.


If you don’t have a space like that, use a closet, or a bookshelf, or a cabinet, or keep             your curriculum in containers that can be easily stored under furniture or a bed.

2. Only buy/keep what’s necessary – I’ve had to get rid of a lot of things that we just              really didn’t need and things that were taking up space. Would it be nice to have a              model skeleton? Sure, but the space it takes up makes it not worth it, when we can              just look up pictures in books or online. Also i have to be very picky about what i                buy and bring into our house, because we don’t want to add more clutter.

3. Mini white boards – My big white board is probably the thing i miss the most.                    However, i found some mini white boards at Walmart that were only a couple of                dollars. They work great to work one on one with each child, and can be easily                    stored.


I hope you enjoyed hearing about my tips on how we manage to homeschool in a small space. Are you also homeschooling in a small space? I’d love to hear some of your tips.


*Stock photo provided by Unsplash.*