Happy New Year

Hi Guys!

I’m taking a small break (i’ll be back with another blog post Monday) to spend some time with my family. However, i didn’t want to miss out on wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

I hope 2021 brings nothing but the BEST for all of my readers!

I thought it would be fun to ask you all some questions (be sure to comment your answers) and share my answers as well…

Do you make New Years resolutions? Or do you pick a Word of the Year?

  • I normally just set goals each month (it’s way easier for me to accomplish goals that way) then to come up with a big resolution for the whole year. I’d love to hear what you do though.

Do you stay up until midnight? Or are you fast asleep even before 10 o’clock?

  • Honestly, it has been a few years since i have made it to midnight, i normally end up falling asleep right around 10. This year, with being 33 weeks pregnant, i don’t have much hope i will make it to midnight.

Do you do a fancy New Years meal? Or do you keep it simple?

  • We keep it simple, no big feast. Just something yummy!

Let me know what you are up to this New Years, it’s always fun to see how other people celebrate!

And once again, Happy New Year!!

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Happy New Year!

Hi Guys!

I hope 2019 is off to a great start for you!

happy new year

We had a really great Christmas and New Year, just enjoying the time together as a family. Right now we are still on a little break from school until Monday, which i am so ready to get back to a somewhat normal routine.

A little update on what’s coming up on the blog…

  • With every new year, comes new goals i set for myself for that year, so i plan on sharing all those goals in a different blog post, coming soon.


  • Tomorrow i will have our January reading list up on the blog.


  • Last year i did some favorites posts (January favorites, February favorites, etc.) and i thought that was fun, so i’m bring it back again this year! I’ll be sharing my December favorites next week.


  • Other things i will be sharing this month include; Winter themed learning, baby fever, menu planning, morning routine, and more!


That’s all i really wanted to say, i was hoping to get this post up Tuesday, but life happened instead.

I hope you all are doing well, and be sure to let me know what your goals/resolutions/intentions/etc. are for 2019, i’d love to hear them.

Take care,


*Stock photo provided by Unsplash.*