Minecraft Birthday Party

Hi Guys!

This week my son turned 11 years old, and since he is super crazy for Minecraft, we had a Minecraft themed party for him. I found lots of great ideas online and i couldn’t wait to decorate…

Minecraft Birthday Party

The Nether Portal – To¬† be honest, we created this super last minute, so it didn’t turn out exactly like i would have wanted it to (mainly a cutely decorated sign), but my son was super impressed with this. All you need to create this is: Streamers (black & purple – I bought mine at the dollar store), tape, and a sign that says “Nether Portal”.


Minecraft Window Panes – This part was super labor intensive, that we actually had to start on this the day before. It was well worth the effort though, it turned out great. All you need to create this is: White Tape & scissors.


Creeper Face – Probably one of my favorite decorations was this giant creeper face! All you need to make this is: Square Paper Plates (dark green, light green, & black – they sell these at the dollar store) and tape.


In This House Sign – We have a regular “In This House…” sign, so i just printed this Minecraft version out and taped it over our sign.


The cake – I ordered a plain cake (just blue frosting on it) from the bakery and then i ordered this Minecraft cake topper and decorated the cake myself. My son loved the way his cake turned out!


That’s mostly it, except for some other hanging decorations, some balloons, some inflatable swords, and a happy birthday sign. I hope you have enjoyed this peak into our son’s birthday.


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Sam’s 13th Birthday

Earlier this month my oldest child, Samuel, turned 13 years old. It’s really hard to believe i have a teenager now.


He loves Nerf guns, so he requested a Nerf gun themed party.


We bought him a metal detector because he has been wanting one for awhile now, and since we now have the land we thought it was the perfect time.


He is such an awesome kid, i’m so glad God chose me to be his mama!


Plants Vs. Zombies Birthday Party

Hi Guys!

Wednesday was Dasean’s 10th Birthday!

This year he wanted us to surprise him with a theme, and since he loves the Plants Vs. Zombies games so much, we decided to go with a Plants Vs. Zombies Birthday Party for him!


Before i share all the Plants Vs. Zombies stuff, i want to share more about this special little boy we call Dasean.

I’m not sure how he can be 10 years old already, it really went by too fast.

I made these collages of him, with pictures from over the years…

dasean new to 8

dasean 9 to 10

He has changed so much from that tiny little newborn baby.

He is the sweetest the guy. He is so caring and helpful. He is also ridiculously funny! My world is definitely a brighter and happier place because he is in it!

Birthdays always make me a little sad, because for me it’s a reminder that the time we get with them is so short and i just love them so much that i can’t imagine not seeing them/being with them everyday.

Anyways, enough with the sadness, let’s dive into all the Plants Vs. Zombies good stuff.

*I will try to link whatever i can for you to easily find it, in case you are also going to be throwing a Plants Vs. Zombies party!*

I’ll start with the cake, because you can’t have a birthday without cake… well actually you can, but it wouldn’t be as yummy!


We ordered the cake from a grocery store bakery, and we added on the fence and the Plants Vs. Zombies figurines.

I got the fence at Hobby Lobby, here is the link for that. —-> Fence

I got the figurines on Amazon, here is the link for that. —> PVZ Figurines

Up next is a decoration i made, that we had sitting on the dinning room table.


The grass tablecover i got at Zurcher’s, but they don’t have it listed online. I found one on Amazon that is similar and here is the link for that. —> Grass Tablecover

The little fenced in yard thing, i got from Hobby Lobby. Here is the link for that. —> White Fence Container¬†

The plush toys i got on Amazon, here are the links for those. —> Bonk Choy & Cactus Plant

The Sun and leaves were from Hobby Lobby. Here are the links for those. —> Sun & Leaves

Next, here are some snacks i created.


For the pudding cups: I used Snack Pack Pudding, topped with crushed oreos and then topped with green sixlets (for the Pea Shooter’s peas). Then i printed out the Pea Shooter Printable i made and taped them onto the Snack Packs. You can download that printable for yourself, HERE!!!

For the grape cups: I used a plastic cup, green grapes, and marshmallows. First, i added in some grapes. Then, i put to marshmallows on top of those grapes. Next, i put more grapes on top of the marshmallows. Finally, i drew a zombie face on the plastic cups.

Now i’m going to share my Crazy Dave’s Beard Shop…


You can’t have a Plants Vs. Zombies party without Crazy Dave, right?!


I found these beards at Hobby Lobby, here is the link for them. —> Beards

I made the Crazy Dave’s Beard Shop printable, which you can download for yourself here. —> Crazy Dave’s Beard Shop

All my kids loved wearing these beards…





Now to show you the rest of the decorations and wrap things up because this post is getting pretty long…


I got the Sunflower from Hobby Lobby, but unfortunately they don’t have it online.

I got the Zombie caution tape from Amazon, here is the link for that. —> Zombie Caution Tape


I got the Cactus from Hobby Lobby, but unfortunately they don’t have it online.


I also created this happy birthday banner for him. However, i didn’t create it into a PDF yet so there is no link for it!

I hope you guys enjoyed this look into Dasean’s 10th Birthday/ Plants Vs. Zombies Party!!


*This post may contain affiliate links*