Homeschool Student Planners

Hi Guys!

Today I’m going to share how student planners have helped with making our homeschool days go smoother.

This homeschool year i decided we needed a change.

For the past few years we had just been doing a block schedule (i.e. 15 minutes for handwriting, 30 minutes for history, etc. etc.). Which works great, i believe, if you are a self motivated person. With children (or at least my children) it doesn’t work that great, they don’t hustle to get as much done in the time allowed as possible. Instead i found my kids would get less done during 20 minutes, than if i just gave out a specific assignment which they ended up doing in like 5 minutes. We were falling behind with our curriculum and by the end of the school year we were having to play catch up.

This year for my oldest 3 kids (ages 10, 14, & 16) i ordered them each a student planner from Mardel.

A Simple Plan, Homeschool Student Planner, flowers

A Simple Plan, Homeschool Student Planner, outdoors

We do school Tuesday – Friday, so each Tuesday morning i come into the school room and write out their assignments for the week in their student planners.

This idea is similar to the homeschool workbox system, except those things are so bulky and you have to fill them in every day or week with the child’s work. I feel like those work great for smaller kids, who maybe can’t read what their assignments are yet.

These student planners have made such a difference in our homeschool; no kid is falling behind, no missing assignments, no complaining of how much longer, etc…

I also love that these planners start in July and go to June, which is perfect for our year-round homeschooling family.

These planners have helped so much that i will definitely be using them again for our 2022/2023 school year!

2021 Planner

Hey Guys!

Last week i shared my 2021 Blog Planner. So today, i’m sharing my 2021 Planner!

It’s a pretty basic planner, just like my blog planner, because that’s the way i like it.

What’s included in my 2021 Planner:

  • Monthly Calendar pages
  • Weekly Calendar pages
  • Year-at-a-glance
  • Monthly Menu Plan pages
  • Monthly Notes & To-do List pages

You can download my 2021 Planner for FREE, Here!

Homeschool Planner 2020-2021

Hey Guys!

Today i’m sharing what homeschool planner i’m using this year.


First, before i get into what planner i’m using this year, i thought i would share homeschool planners i have used in the past and what my thoughts on them are.

When we first started homeschooling i used Confession of a Homeschooler’s planner. Which worked ok for our first year. It’s pretty inexpensive ($9.95) because of the fact you have to print it out yourself. That was the part i didn’t really like about it. I found out i like already printed/bound planners.


My next year of homeschooling (and up until 3 years ago) i used, Well Planned Gal’s Homeschool planner. It ships to you already printed/bound, it has a lot more features (shopping lists, dinner menus, weekly to do lists, etc.), and is sort of reasonably priced ($34.95) for all that it offers.  What i didn’t like about it, is that it is only for up to 4 children.


I then tried the Bloom Daily Planner, which was very basic and simple compared to Well Planned Gal’s planner. What i didn’t like about it, was at the time we were doing year round schooling, and this planner started in August. The cost for this planner fell between COAH & Well Planned Gal, at only $19.95.


This year i’m using, A Simple Plan. I’m really excited to use this planner. I love that it starts in July (for those year round homeschoolers). It wasn’t as expensive as Well Planned Gal’s, this one was only $22.99. It can be used for up to 6 kids! It feels like it will be a perfect fit for our family.



If you are homeschooling and have a planner you love, i’d love to hear about it!

Happy Homeschooling!


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2019 Planner {Free Printable}

Hi Guys!

As promised i’m back today with my 2019 planner!! If you saw my 2019 blog planner and you liked it, but you are not a blogger, then this 2019 planner is for you…

2019 Planner

This planner has almost 100 pages!!!

It includes:

  • Monthly pages
  • Weekly pages
  • Monthly menu plan pages
  • and more!


Once again i just printed it out on regular copy paper and then used my Fellowes Binding Machine to bind it all together.


Now it’s ready to use! Super easy! Once again, if you don’t have a binding machine you could use a 3-ring binder, or anything else you want. It’s very customizable.


You can download my 2019 planner HERE!!!

Happy planning!


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Blog Planner 2019 {Free Printable}

Hi Guys!

This year i decided to make my own blog planner versus buying one. That way i could put everything into that i wanted and wasn’t having to pay for all the extra things i don’t even use.

So if you are a blogger yourself and your looking for a very simple basic blog planner for the new year, then this one is for you…

2019 blog planner

Included in this 30 page blog planner is…

  • Year at a glance
  • Monthly calendars
  • Monthly extra information pages
  • and brainstorming pages


I printed my planner out on regular paper, but you could use cardstock, if you want something a little bit sturdier.

And then i used my Fellowes Binding Machine to bind it all together.


Now it’s ready to use! Super easy! (If you don’t have the binding machine, you could use a 3-ring binder, or anything else, it’s super customizable that way!!)

You can download it for yourself, HERE!!

And if you are not a blogger, but you could use something like this in your life, don’t worry, i’ll have my 2019 planner up soon!!


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