Paying Yourself To Workout

Hi Guys!

If you are anything like me than you can’t go to a gym to workout. Whether it’s because of kids, your schedule, or money, you just can’t make it to the gym.

Before i really started my health journey, last month, i had a thought… “Since i’m not paying for a gym membership, why don’t i pay myself a little something every time i workout”.

paying yourself to workout

This is how it looks like for me…

Every time single time i workout, i pay myself $5. I put that money into an envelope and save it away.

Once I’ve reached my goal weight, i will then give myself all that money that I’ve been saving away. Which i will then use to probably buy myself some new clothes. Because at that point i will definitely need new clothes.

It’s just nice to have a little extra motivator to workout.

If you want to do this too, but $5 seems a lot or not enough, you can totally customize your amount. $1, $2, $10, $15. etc.. It will all add up in the end. And you will have a very nice little gift for yourself for all your hard work. Which you can then spend on anything you want.

I hope you have enjoyed this little “tip”, and if you end up doing it let me know, i’d love to hear about your experience!


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Thanksgiving Turkey Tips {Free Printable}

Hi Guys!

Every year I call my Mom up with the same questions “when do I put the turkey in the fridge to defrost?”, “how long will the turkey stay good for in the fridge?”, “what if it’s not ready in time for Thanksgiving?”… and every year she answers those questions for me without ever saying “I told you last year, and the year before that, and the year before that..” she’s awesome like that!

However this year I decided to pick her brain on all things Turkey and finally write it all down, so that way I can pass the information down to my children some day, and their children, etc. etc., and pass the information on to you guys as well.

Turkey Tips 1

You can download my Thanksgiving Turkey Tips printable, for free, HERE!

I hope this helps you and your family!




10 Things To Buy At The Dollar Store

Who doesn’t love dollar stores?! You walk in and feel that wonderful feeling that you can buy anything in that store, without breaking the bank.

I don’t visit the dollar store that often, but when I do here are the 10 things I stock up on…

dollar tree

  1. Envelopes
  2. Bandages – My store always has a fun assortment of character bandages that my kids love.
  3. Toothpaste & Toothbrushes
  4. Greeting cards – Some of the greeting cards are 2 for $1!!
  5. Wrapping Paper
  6. Candles
  7. Teaching Supplies – Classroom posters, workbooks, stickers, etc.
  8. Sponges
  9. Kitchen tools – Measuring cups, serving spoons, etc.
  10. Party supplies – Balloons, table covers, streamers, etc.

What are your favorite products to buy at the dollar store?


Homeschooling Multiple Grades

This is one of the things that scared me the most about homeschooling. How was I going to teach multiple grades at the same time?! It seemed like a daunting task when I first started looking into homeschooling, however it doesn’t seem that tricky now.

Today i’ll share how I homeschool multiple grades at the same time…

homeschooling multiple grades

For those of you who are new here, I currently have an 8th grader, 5th grader, 2nd grader, preschooler, and a 2 year old* (*not pictured below).


When we first started homeschooling I had a 3rd grader, kindergartner, and a 2 year old. My days then would be filled with teaching my 3rd grader all day long, while my kindergartner would work next to us on; cutting practice, writing practice, puzzles, etc. Then while my 3rd grader had some independent reading time, I would be teaching my kindergartner to read, or doing any other work with him that needed to be done.


Now that I have 4 students things have gotten harder and easier all at the same time. Harder in the sense that sometimes they all need my help at the same time. Which can be very chaotic. Easier in the sense that my 2 oldest children are pretty much independent workers, so they need very little instruction from me.

The one thing that I have found helps me to teach multiple grades at the same time, is to have all the kids working on the same subject at the same time. For example; all my kids do math at the same time, then they all move on to English, then vocabulary, and so on and so on.

This makes it easier for my brain, in the fact that I don’t have to switch between graphing equations to diagramming sentences in a matter of seconds. My brain can fully focus on math, then on English, and so on and so on.

Another thing, like I just talked about, is my 2 oldest are pretty much independent workers. This helps a lot when you have multiple grades. But let’s say you have a 1st grader and a 2nd grader, both of which need a lot of instruction from you. How do you do it?! My advice would be to teach them the same thing, for example; last year we did My Father’s World curriculum for my oldest 2 and i was teaching them the same things for history, science, and Bible. Of course my oldest child would then have a little bit of extra assignments in those areas because of this grade level.


My best advice I can give you, is to find what works best for you and your kids. That could be teaching one grade level in the morning, and a different grade level in the afternoon. Or teaching different grade levels on different days. Just do whatever works best for your family, and don’t be afraid to switch things up if it’s not working for you. That’s one of the perks of homeschooling, the flexibility to change things up as needed!!



20 Field Trip Ideas

Hi Guys!

Field trips are always my kids favorite part of homeschooling, however coming up with new ideas for field trips is my least favorite part of homeschooling.

In case you struggle to come up with new ideas as well, I thought I would share 20 field trip ideas to help you out…

20 field trip ideas

  1. Aquarium – This is a great place to go and see all underwater creatures. Especially if you don’t live close to the beach or any bodies of water.
  2. Zoo – This is great if you are learning about different animals from different parts of the world that you can’t go to, or afford to go to. This way you get to see them up close without traveling too far from home.
  3. Museum – There are so many different types of museums; art, history, space, etc.
  4. Train Station – We were lucky enough to ride on a train last time we visited my parents, which was so much fun for the kids.
  5. Library – Teach the kids how to check out books.
  6. Post Office – Visiting the post office is a great way to teach kids about mail.
  7. Fire Station – Check with your local fire station before heading there, sometimes they have certain days/hours where they will give homeschoolers tours!
  8. Police Station – I would check in with them first before heading there, just like with the fire station.
  9. Airport – Watching the airplanes take off and land, seeing the baggage come down the baggage carousels. This would be a really good field trip idea, if you are going on a airplane sometime soon, as a way to get your child(ren) acquainted with the airport.
  10. Factory – We have a few different factories in our area; a cheese making factory, a sugar factory, etc. Just to give you an idea of the different factories you could possibly check out on your next field trip.
  11. Garden – We have 3 different garden places in my state; a botanical garden, a rose garden, and a Japanese garden.
  12. Beach – One of my favorite places on this list!
  13. Mountains – Another one of my favorites! You could talk about different wildlife in the area, investigate tracks/droppings to see what animals have been there, etc.
  14. Nature Walk – You could stop along the way and do some nature journaling, or have a picnic.
  15. Grocery Store – So much learning could happen in the grocery store. Make a fun game of it and give your kid a budget and see what they can come up with for dinner without going over budget.
  16. Farmers Market – A great place to really learn more about the food you consume.
  17. Farm/Petting Zoo – To learn how all their foods are grown, and pet some fun animals.
  18. Fruit Picking – Apples, cherries, pears, peaches, etc.
  19. Corn Maze/Pumpkin Patch – I know it’s a seasonal thing, but I had to add it because they are so much fun for kids. They can see for themselves how pumpkins and corn grow.
  20. Capitol Building – Not sure if all capitol buildings allow tours, but if they do it’s great for the kids to see where state legislature takes place.

That’s it, those are my 20 field trip ideas. I hope you enjoyed them. If you have an idea to add to the list, let me know.