Oregon Coast Vacay 2020

My husband and i recently celebrated 17 years of marriage. To celebrate we went on a family vacation to the Oregon coast.

We stayed in Seaside, OR in a beach house that we rented. It was really nice to get away for a couple of days and see the ocean.

We arrived on a Tuesday afternoon, after a 7 hour car ride. Immediately the thing we didn’t like with our beach house rental was the parking. Or should i say lack of parking. We are a big family with a big vehicle, and to park at this house we had to drive up a narrow alleyway and make a hard left turn to squeeze between the back of our rental house and another rental house. Just to enter and exit our rental house was super stressful. I really wish they would have added this parking information on their website, we never would have rented this house if we had known.

This notice was posted on the fridge inside the house, note it says parking for 4 vehicles.
This was also posted on the fridge, notice it’s gone from parking for 4 to parking for 3.

How confusing is it, when even the property management can’t decide on how many parking spots there are? Also that “parking area for 2 cars” in the above picture, was where we ended up parking, but our vehicle took up the entire area, so i have no idea how 2 cars could fit there (maybe tiny 2 seat vehicles?).

Another thing we didn’t like about this rental house was, although it was a pet friendly rental there was no place on the property to take your dogs potty. No grass/yard at all. Very disappointing. Once again i wish they would have shared this information on their website.

On one of our walks, because no yard area at the rental

Our first night there we didn’t really do much. We went down to the beach, stopped at the grocery store for food for dinner that night & breakfast the next morning, and then we relaxed after a long day.

Sunset on our first night

Wednesday morning we took the dogs on a walk, and then we took the kids to play in the ocean. We really wanted to go to a place with tide pools, so we searched and searched for an area with not much luck. Finally in the afternoon, we settled on this rocky area, but the tide pools there were very disappointing. The only animals/creatures we found were crabs.

While walking on the rocks, i fell pretty hard on my bottom, which caused me to be in a lot of pain. After we left the tide pools we went back to the rental house and pretty much rested the rest of the night.

Thursday was the day we decided we would go on a hike. We found this trail called “Tillamook Head Trail”. It was absolutely beautiful and by far my favorite activity we did on the whole trip. If you are ever in Seaside, OR i highly recommend taking this hike!

After our hike, and a lunch break, we took the kids to the beach to play in the water. It was a cool day (about 55-60 degrees), but all the kids wanted to put their swim suits on and go in the ocean. They had so much fun, and can you believe it, not one child complained about being cold?!

Friday was our final day in Seaside and also our anniversary. We decided to go out to breakfast at a place called Firehouse Grill. The food was terrible. They served what they called a biscuit, but it was more of a not properly made/baked dinner roll. As we were leaving the restaurant it started to rain. We had planned that this day would be our souvenir shopping day & exploring the town day, so after breakfast that is what we did.

The kids got to ride a carousel, we saw the Candyman, we ate delicious freshly made pretzels from a local place, and we bought a couple souvenirs.

Inside the Seaside Candyman store

We went back to our rental house because it was starting to rain pretty hard and we were done shopping. Once the rain let up a little bit, we went down to the beach one more time.

The rest of the evening was spent eating yummy food, cleaning the rental, and packing up.

To be honest i don’t think i will ever go to/stay in Seaside ever again, and also i don’t think i would ever rent from the same company ever again. However, all in all i’m glad we took this vacation. We made a lot of memories and despite the hardships we had fun.