Winter Themed Learning

A few years ago i shared some winter themed learning, when i looked back at that post recently, i was reminded of all the fun we had. That’s when i decided to do another fun filled week, in our homeschool, focusing on winter themed learning. Today i’m going to share everything we did for our winter themed learning week.

I’m going to break things up into 3 categories; activities, snacks, and books.


  1. Build a snowflake (using mini marshmallows & toothpicks) – This was a fun & easy activity for all my children.

2. Winter Bingo – I used this printable from The Resourceful Mama and M&M’s.

3. Winter I Spy – I used this free printable from Paper Trail Design.

4. Sensory Bins – I created 3 different sensory bins. One with rice, one with water beads, and one with pom-poms & craft gems.


  1. Snowballs – Donut holes.

2. Snow Covered Pretzels – White chocolate covered pretzels.

3. Polar Bear Graham Crackers – I got the idea/recipe from The Simple Parent.

4. ‘Frozen’ Themed Hot Chocolate – You only need 4 ingredients to make this blue colored hot chocolate. Find the recipe HERE.

5. ‘Frozen’ Themed Muddy Buddies – This was one of the kids favorite snacks we had! Find the recipe HERE.


  1. Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening – Robert Frost
  2. The Magic Of Friendship Snow – Andi Cann
  3. Sleep Tight Farm: A Farm Prepares For Winter – Eugenie Doyle
  4. Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter – Kenard Pak
  5. The Biggest Snowman Ever – Steven Kroll
  6. Sneezy The Snowman – Maureen Wright
  7. There Was A Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow – Lucille Colandro
  8. Snowmen At Night – Caralyn Buehner

I hope you enjoyed our week of Winter Themed Learning.

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Blogmas 2020 {Day 12/ Winter Themed Learning}

Hey Guys!

Welcome back to another day of Blogmas!

Today i’m sharing some winter themed learning ideas.

***Note: This is an old blog post, I wrote this blog post back in 2015***

Right before our Christmas school break i was having a hard time focusing on our daily assignments. I just couldn’t stand to look at another textbook. I’m pretty sure my kids were feeling the same way too. So over the break, i decided we needed to add some fun to our work. That’s when i started looking into themed learning. It seemed like the perfect solution to our problem.

Last week we started with our first theme, Winter. Today i thought i would share with you how our week went, in case you are also looking to add something fun to your homeschool. (This would also work for non-homeschoolers, as some fun weekend projects to do with your kids!)

Books we read:

Fun Stuff We Did:

#1 – Snow Paint

This didn’t turn out that great, in my opinion. I found the idea on pinterest. I recipe is easy; 1 cup each of flour, salt and water. The salt makes it all glittery looking, which you can’t really tell in this picture but it was. The thing that didn’t impress me was the thickness of it, that made it hard to paint with. My older kiddos didn’t like that either, but my daughter was just happy she was able to get messy!

#2 – Snow Dough

This one turned out great! It was light and flaky like snow, but then once you rolled it together in your hands, it would form a “snow” ball. All it takes is 3 ingredients, which i had on hand.  I adjusted the quantities though, because i didn’t have enough of the cornstarch on hand.  The kids liked this one a lot!

#3 – Lego Ice Excavation

My kids love Lego’s so when i found this idea, i knew my kids would love it!! And i was right!! This one was a HUGE success!! I asked my son for a few Lego men and then i filled a ziploc bag with some water and added the Lego man to the water. Then i froze it overnight. I wish i would have taken a few more pictures of this project, but i guess i got caught up in the fun and completely forgot.

Hubby was home for this project, so i was able to catch him taking out the big guns to excavate his Lego man and when i mean big guns, i mean, well you’ll see…

Do NOT try this at home!!!

That’s right, Hubby grabbed his drill and tried to use it excavate his Lego man. Crazy, huh?!Anyways, we all had a great time with this project and all the Lego Men eventually got rescued!

Food We Ate:

Penguin Shaped Sandwiches –

These were very cute! The kiddos ate them up fast! I got the sandwich cutter, HERE. I made grilled cheese sandwiches, cause that’s all i had on hand, but you could make any kind you like!

I really didn’t make a lot of fun winter themed foods for this week. In fact, aside from the sandwiches, i only made one other special thing, ‘Frozen’ themed hot chocolate and i didn’t even take a picture of it! The kids loved it!

That’s it for our Winter Themed Learning week! I hope you enjoyed it!

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Blogmas 2020 {Day 9/Winter Must Haves}

Hi Guys!

Welcome back to another day of Blogmas!

Today i’m sharing some of my winter must have products! Things to know before i get to my list. Where i live, Winter’s get really cold & dry, so a lot of these products are to help with that. Also, my list isn’t that long because i’m really low maintenance.

Winter Must Haves:

That’s everything on my winter must have list, i hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to stop by again tomorrow for yet another day of Blogmas!

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